WELCOME to Four C’s Ranch!

Four C’s Ranch, a small family owned alpaca ranch run by the Cochran family in Golden, Colorado, focuses on top notch breeding and attention to excellent genetics.  Their collection of alpacas have won many awards over the years beginning with their first prized alpaca, Junebug, who won 2018’s Great Western Alpaca Show “Color Champion” Walking Fleece award and went on to excel every year after that until retired from show circuit in 2020. 

Four C’s also has a retail shop for a unique collection of alpaca toys made of alpaca fiber, alpaca socks, yarn, dryer balls, novelties, sweaters and ruanas which offer the quality of alpaca fiber, comfort and uniqueness for everyone. Alpaca fiber is premium to wool in that it has no “itch” factor so those who are allergic to wool or just find it uncomfortable will love alpaca for its softness, water resistance, and warmth. 

Be sure to visit our SHOP page for more info and to purchase your alpaca goods today!


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